A Beautiful TV Ad

I’m not a fan of Pakistani advertising by and large. It’s usually unintelligent, unoriginal, uninspired, and therefore largely ineffective.

Rarely, however, you come across advertising that’s truly world class. This recent ad from Tetra Pak is one example.

I love it so much for its perfection- music, cinematography, acting, copy – that I just have to enshrine it here on TDD. The ad is directed by Asim Reza of The Vision Factory and the agency is RED Communication Arts. Bravo yo!

AdAsia 2011

So our first post is about the visual identity of AdAsia 2011, happening in New Delhi this month.  Nothing too groundbreaking here folks, just a predictable masking of the official AdAsia wordmark with some traditional colorful fabric designs. Nonetheless, it … Continue reading

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