AdAsia 2011

So our first post is about the visual identity of AdAsia 2011, happening in New Delhi this month.  Nothing too groundbreaking here folks, just a predictable masking of the official AdAsia wordmark with some traditional colorful fabric designs. Nonetheless, it looks attractive.

The official website has this to say about the design:

Asia’s rich cultural myriad creates a complexity that is also its biggest advantage. Assimilative attitudes, regional synergies, local pride foster a collective glory. It is this idea of Asia leading the new world order that we seek to capture in a visual inspired by the rich multicultural motifs on textiles from various regions in Asia; a seamless patchwork quilt; blending into one another to complement the concept of fluidity yet togetherness, thus weaving a new certainty in a dynamic visual language.

The other part of the logo looks completely disjointed however, with the ‘2011’ looking awkward with its unnecessary transparency effect and overlay. The two parts of the logo don’t have a nice relationship and look completely at odds. I wish the designers would have put in more effort in achieving a coherent and visually balanced logo.

Visit the website to see a pretty animation.


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