12 thoughts on “KSBL ready to revolutionize business education, starting with a mediocre logo.

  1. As amusing as the post was, perhaps the author needs to do a little homework on color psychology. I quite like the logo, although it looks a little chunky – to me it seems to work for a university. It has a solid and grounded feel to it, and at the same time the cut out letters (yes look like they belong in pac man) breakaway the chunkyness of the solid blue background and gives it a contemporary look. It seems to work…

    • Opinions. Everyone has ’em!

      Color psychology was really not touched upon in this article- what I did say about colors was that they are just too similar to a brand as well known as KESC- surely they could have explored other options while sticking to desirable color-psychology-attributes.

      For me, not only is there no comprehensible thought process behind this logo but even the execution is severely lacking, even more so considering the high-profile status of the institution.

      • Yup thats right about opinions…you guys should do a cross comparison of how other major local universities are branding themselves – now that would make for an interesting read. A browse through the sunday dawn shows how most of them have done a poor job at branding themselves….

  2. I think Creative Chaos designed this! I don’t agree with everything that has been written here as it’s not that bad for a university.

  3. KSBL in collaboration with Cambridge University Judge Business School is bringing world class business education and current management thinking to Pakistan. The people behind it are top business leaders and professionals of Pakistan who are establishing KSBL to create capable and transformational leaders for Pakistan who will be able to compete globally. KSBL’s visual identity including the logo is well thought through, designed by distinguished artists and selected and approved by the Board of Directors. It very well represents this top institution of higher learning. We respect comments and critique from everybody and work towards improving ourselves, however, beyond design we are more focused on the key ingredients of world class education including the curriculum designed by Cambridge, world renowned faculty, world class campus providing an enabling environment and selecting qualified students irrespective of their the socioeconomic and geographical backgrounds.

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