Mobilink celebrates new network with great emo advertising

Mobilink says it has a just gotten a brand new network which means that Mobilink users will finally be able to make calls and stuff. With the new network comes a new advertising campaign:

The TVC is simply brilliant. It pulls off emotions and sentimentality in such a natural and touching way, without overdoing it one bit. It’s also smart to use such a catchy nursery rhyme, sure to make people take note. The TVC is very international in feel and I’m pretty sure none of the actors is local (the mom just might be, but the dad and kid look very Turkish/Middle Eastern). That’s not a bad thing though. The production values clearly set Mobilink apart as the cellular brand with most class. Take note, Ufone. As for credits, I couldn’t find any official details, but I’m guessing the agency is D’Hamidi and the director is Asad U Haque.

The campaign also features a full page print ad with patriotic overtones, based on the familiar ‘Poora signal, poora Pakistan’ tagline.

Image source: Dawn ePaper

While we’re talking about emotional advertising, I can’t help but share two instances of great emotional advertising in Pakistan.

First up is Dalda Mothers Day ad from 2011. Directed by Asad U Haque of Ambience Films (My favorite director in Pakistan).

Second we have the TVC for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital. Directed by Asif Khan of WAM Films.


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