Why Airtel Shines and Glow Doesn’t Glow

You must surely have come across the recent Airtel TVC from across the border, chanting ‘Jo Mera Hai Wo Tera Hai’ (What’s mine is yours). Infectious as it is, it  inadvertently brought to my mind another TVC from earlier this year, this time home-grown: the Dosti Ke Rung campaign by Warid Glow.

What’s interesting is the very similar nature, target group, and overall feel of both the commercials.

Despite the uncanny similarities, why is it that one ad appeals so much to its desired audience, is more like a short dose of silly entertainment and goes viral effortlessly, while the other one feels stilted and superficial? Or simply, why does one work and the other doesn’t?

Let’s hear it in the comments!

On an unrelated note, product placement in frikkin commercials! Notice quite a few Samsung devices in the Airtel ad?! 😮


3 thoughts on “Why Airtel Shines and Glow Doesn’t Glow

  1. The dosti k rung campaign sounds superficial and is a drag because all it shows is a group of people prancing around silly. That is definitely not what happens in real life. The ‘friendships’ in the ad seem almost forced.
    The airtel however appears effortless and shows the real pranks pulled by friends. The singing and dancing in the ad are not synchronized (as in the glow ad) making it seem more real.

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